Southern Region Success for the Aerobics Team

The Southern Region Aerobic Gymnastics Championships held at Fareham Leisure Centre displayed some of the best of the Region’s gymnasts, the competition was made open to national clubs to attend made accessible to all levels. Basingstoke Aerobic Gymnastics Squad entered into the RAC (Regional), NAC (National) & FIG (International Level) categories, between the open and closed competition won 30 medals for the club.  Well done to coaches Zanna Woods, Toni Blackburn, Amy Woods, Sarah Burdock, Shanice George & Danni Thompson, here are a list of our medallist – well done girls…

RAC Open/Closed

Harriet Court 1st

Maddie Baker 2nd

Matilda Barribal 3rd

Matilda, Bethany, Harriet TRIO 1st

Lily Miller, Evie Mosdell  PAIR 1st

(Closed Only)

Sukki Hockham 3rd

Megan Dilliway, Mia Hartgill 3rd

NAC Open/Closed

Robyn, Annie, Lorca TRIO 3rd /1st

Mia Augustus 2nd/1st


Sophie Jakes 2nd/1st

Sophie, Jayda,     Verity TRIO 1st

Lily Harris 3rd/1st

Lily, Poppy, Starr 3rd/1st

Shanice George 1st/1st

Elizabeth, Emerald, Keleigh-Anne TRIO 3rd/2nd

(Closed Only)

Jayda Blanchflower 2nd

Elodie Sheppard 2nd

Summer-Lily Blackburn 3rd

Elizabeth Marais 3rd