Club Festival 2019

Annual Club Festival

Sunday 24th March 2019

Pre-School, Trampolining, Disabilities, Aerobic Gymnastics, Tumble, Freestyle Award, Advanced Groups, IAC Aerobics and Display Group

Our Annual Club Festival for the disciplines listed gives a chance for our participants to compete in a friendly competition and display their gymnastics/trampolining.

Details for entry will be sent out via email or your coaches.


Club Festival for Gymnastics Classes



BGC Club Awards, Celebrating 2018

Basingstoke Gymnastics introduced our first of many Annual Club Awards where we celebrated one of the most successful years at the club.

We have introduced the Club Awards to recognise those who have represented the club in various disciplines including all of our elite performance programmes, disabilities and adult gymnastics. We would like to thank all of those who supported the occasion, all proceeds made went back into the event which hopefully means next year we can make it even bigger and better! Here are our winners…

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