Basingstoke Gymnastics Club


Gymnastics isn’t just for kids and pros anymore! Join in if you want to get fit, improve and learn new skills or just experiment on new apparatus. Whatever the motivation, we’ve got you covered!

Adult Gymnastics

Whether it’s your very first cartwheel or you’re a seasoned pro looking to get back to it, here at Basingstoke gymnastics club we have something for everyone! We are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals, they are just as important to us as they are to you!


Every Thursday

It’s not just about training though, with such busy lives nowadays, adult gymnastics is also a fantastic way to have fun, socialise and meet new people!

If you are a complete beginner, with the support of our expert coaching staff you will learn about your body, how to move your body safely and how recover your muscles after a great session! Once your strength and flexibility have improved you can try to challenge yourself. With the support of coaches, you can try more complex moves and even, if you want to, enter an adult competition once you’re ready!

Of course, if you want to take your training a little more seriously that’s great too. You can train up to 3 times a week and participate in any of the adult competitions throughout the year from The Basingstoke invitational, multiple regional competitions right up to the adult gymnastics British Championships. We will be here to support you all the way!


Your Adults Team leading the Adult Gymnastics sessions.


Trampolining Coach

“I am an ex-elite Trampoline Gymnast, I trained and competed for 18 years in Bulgaria both nationally and internationally.  Competing at the highest levels of my discipline.  I competed at both the World and European Championships. Medalling at the World championships in 2005 with a Silver and with a Bronze at the European Championships in 2005 with the Bulgarian national squad.

I have been coaching trampolining for over 8 years.  I am a level 5 trampolining coach; I love using my 18 years of experience, passion and knowledge of trampolining to help coach gymnasts.  Watching them learn, grow and improve in their gymnastics and love of trampoline.”


Artistic Gymnastics Coach

“I am an ex-elite Men’s Artistic Gymnast, I trained for 15 years competing at the highest levels of gymnastics in Bulgaria.  Competing both nationally and internationally.

I have been coaching for nearly as long.  Coaching in multiple disciplines holding a level 3 in Men’s, Women’s and more.  I have years of experience coaching in, Men’s Artistic, Women’s Artistic and TeamGym.  Currently coaching in Basingstoke TeamGym squad and lead coach for our adults program.”


The Adults Booking Guide and the club rules and policies for members. Click the links below to view or download your copy for review.

If you would be interested in becoming a volunteer adult coach at the club please take a look at our job description and email the adults team for further information