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Tumbling is a characterised by the complex, swift and rhythmical succession of acrobatic bounding from hands to feet, feet to hands or even feet directly back onto feet. A tumbling pass may be over in a matter of seconds and is performed on a tumbling track that is 25 meters in length.


In tumbling, a gymnast performs a tumbling pass which sees the gymnast gain speed and power by running along a track and performing a series of somersaults and twists. World-class tumblers perform no less than two double somersaults in one run, the best of them three, with twisting elements in addition.

We also compete throughout the year at club, regional, national and international  competitions so there are lots of opportunities and experience for everyone! For further information please email  

Whats is


A typical tumbling competition will include the gymnast completing three tumbling passes. The first is called a Straight Pass (composed of somersaults), the second is called the Twisting Pass (twists) with the third and Final Pass (composed of both somersaults and twists).  Tumbling is the perfect sport for those looking for a fast-paced and daring challenge.

Tumbling is a breathtaking event where gymnasts power down a 25min track.  Launching into a series of Flics, Whips and Somersaults.  The discipline is blazing fast and exciting.  Defying gravity to produce a powerful dismount to the roar of the spectators.  A true sight to behold.

The gymnasts requires strong spacial awareness and co-ordination.  They have to combine the skills from their tumble pass without loosing momentum.  Building to the climactic dismount.  Tumblers need to be fearless and powerful competitors

A winning tumbler will be the neatest and highest valued skill across their passes.  Certainly a discipline not to be missed.