Women’s Artistic gymnastics is a widely recognised discipline. The gymnast will work on 4 pieces of apparatus, vault, uneven bars, beam and floor and depending on the level the gymnast is working they will also work range and conditioning.

Our gymnasts compete at county, regional and national competitions throughout the year.  Gymnasts begin competing nationally the year of their 9th birthday.  They need to qualify at a Regional Competition for their respective age group and have to get a qualifying score to compete at the two main national competitions.

Women’s gymnastics is an Olympic sport so if your child shows potential at the high level competitions and is selected into the national squad they could qualify for sponsorship from the national lottery.

The two main national competitions for gymnasts aged 9 – 11 are the national grades which take place in May.  This competition involves all the gymnasts’ competing the same moves depending what grade they are competing at.

The 2nd main national competition is a voluntary competition where the gymnasts compete moves that their coach has chosen for them and that are to their ability, this competition takes place at the end of the year.

There are two routes in women’s gymnastics that can be taken club level and elite level. Club level is for gymnasts that cannot perform the elite skills required to make elite level routines. All gymnasts are worked towards elite level gymnastics then leading up to the competition the decision is made which route they will go.

Junior Squad – The women’s artistic junior squad train on four pieces of apparatus, for between 16 and 21 hours a week. Some of our girls are members of the Southern Region Squad, and are preparing for both regional and national level competitions.

Development Squad – We have a large development girls squad, training between 4 and 13 hours a week. The girls are aged between 4 – 7 and participate in regular in-house grade competitions. All of our girls are training towards the elite performance path, and once they are sufficiently experienced they will transfer into the Junior Squad.


Women’s Artistic Coaches…

Anton Angelski 

Kim Hopper

Carl Dunne

Abi Field

Kurtis Torbett

Joe Scandrett

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