Men’s gymnastics is probably the most well known gymnastics discipline in the sport using 6 pieces of apparatus floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar.

Men’s gymnastics is an Olympic sport so if your child does make it in to the national squad then they gain sponsorship by the national lottery and will get funding.

Our gymnasts compete at club, regional and national competitions all through the year.

The gymnasts don’t compete nationally until they are 8years old from the 1st of January, this means if they are 7 on the 1st but there birthday is on the 2nd of January they will have to wait another year until they can compete at national level. Regional and club competitions is up to the coach whether they are entered or not, depends on the gymnasts ability.
You have two big national competitions a year the British Setwork Championships usually held in May and the British championships usually in November. The Setwork is different from every other competition they will do because you have to follow set routines for every piece.
There are two routes in men’s gymnastics that can be taken club level and elite level. Club level is for gymnasts that cannot perform the elite skills required to make elite level routines. All gymnasts are worked towards elite level gymnastics then leading up to the competition the decision is made which route they will go. The gymnasts can chop and change each year between elite or club.

The gymnasts do not have to qualify for any competitions other than the Setwork Championships; there is a regional qualifier for this competition.
As the gymnasts do not need to qualify for voluntary competitions it is up to the coach whether they feel the gymnast is ready to compete at the level required.

Junior & Senior Squad – Basingstoke’s junior and senior sections of the club train between 15 and 20 hours a week. The boys, aged between 8 and 21 years old, compete at club, regional and national level throughout the year, performing set and voluntary routines. The squads are growing in confidence and as always working hard towards their next competition.

Development – The development boys make up the largest part of the mens artistic squad at Basingstoke. The boys start training from 4 years old and leave development at 7 years old. The boys are showing huge potential and should bring a great deal of success in years to come.

Men’s Artistic Coaches…

Joe Fraser

Georgi Dyankov

Ryan Hopgood

Fiona Deyes

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